How We Got Started THE JERKY HUT

Beef Jerky and smoked meats are the original fast food. Sausage has been enjoyed since around 1500 B.C. It grew in popularity during the Greek and Roman eras.

At one point it was even banned in the Roman Empire because it was associated with wild festivals. Speakeasy sausage kitchens prospered during the reigns of several Emperors until popular protests forced the repeal of the ban. Commercial sausage kitchens sprang up throughout Europe.

As immigrants traveled to America, they brought their knowledge of sausage making with them. Sausage making was as much a part of pioneer life as the log cabin.

Beef Jerky is uniquely American. It was light to transport, took up less room on the pioneers’ journey and required no refrigeration. As a staple of the American cowboys and miners, it was America’s first fast food and it is obviously here to stay.

We still don’t mass produce Jerky Hut products. “Beef jerky making is an art”.

All Jerky Hut products are hand trimmed, marinated in Jerky Hut’s “secret brews” and then each piece is hand screened (See photos). Next the screens are placed onto the smokehouse truck. There are 6 trucks per smokehouse load. We use only the finest Oregon wood for our smoking process. Jerky Hut